Rakeback for Players not handled by FT Agents

The following is the progressive Rakeback structure for players who play on our clubs platform and are NOT handled directly by an agent for financial processing

Rakeback is calculated from Midnight Sunday Night to the following Sunday Night at 1159pm per site calculations for a week.. All rakeback is progressive and is based on that week only meaning if you rake 25% one week and you play less you will get a lower percentage the following week.. We use a system similiar to Party Poker for simplicity and fairness

  • To Qualify you must have $25 in rake minimum to qualify for Rakeback
  • 20% Rakeback for collected Rake $25-$100
  • 25% Rakeback for collected rake of $101-$500
  • 30% Rakeback for collected rake of $501-$1000
  • 40% Rakeback for collected rake of $1001+ in a week
We Try to pay Rakeback as soon as we can every Monday once reports are run and calculations are done.. If you believe your Rakeback is wrong please contact support@jokerstarspoker.club as soon as possible. We are all human so mistakes can be made and aren't intentionally.. All data is based on what is provided by accounting and back office weekly. In the case of discrepancy we will investigate and if an error is found in your favor we will fix it.. If we overpaid you we will NOT revoke any part of the payment in your favor.